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So how does a typical day trip to JB look like?

Jan 13, 2018
So how does a typical day trip to JB look like?
Feasting, cafe-hopping and shopping - A sample itinerary for a day trip to JB!

My friends have always been interested in how I plan my itineraries for my day trips to JB. And they have always asked me how I know about all these places and my answer is Google!😬


There are so many interesting food and travel blogs and lots of food-based groups in Facebook where I get my ideas for my itineraries from. Typically I will try to fit in 3 main meals, 2 cafe stops and 2 shopping stops for a day trip. And every trip is different as I will customise the itinerary based on what my different groups of friends like and enjoy😊

Here’s a sample itinerary for my trip with 5 friends on 12 Jan 2018.

Itinerary for 12/1/2018 

  1. Breakfast : Kaya toast, soft boiled eggs, fried noodles at Restoran Kin Wah 

  1. Food for packing home : Banana cake from Hiap Joo Bakery and Biscuit Factory

  1. Morning tea at Flowers in the window

  1. Shopping : Tebrau City
  2. Lunch : Herbal roasted duck and Chinese dishes at Ah Yit Imperial

  1. Afternoon snack : Youtiao, butterfly, fried prawn fritters & goreng pisang (stall no. 2)

  1. Afternoon tea : Ink N Water

  1. Shopping : Paradigm Mall
  2. Local goodies for packing home

  1. Dinner : Kim Cheong Restaurant

With a similar itinerary like this, you can expect a full day of feasting and shopping in JB!  From local coffeeshops to pretty cafes with yummy sweet treats to awesome shopping at reasonable prices and not to mention delicious seafood and cze char, our day trips to JB are always very much enjoyed by everyone!




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